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2021-2022 Technical College of the Lowcountry Catalog / Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Technical College of the Lowcountry Catalog / Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admissions, Assessment and Registration

Are You New to TCL?

Follow these Steps to Enrollment!

Step 1: Submit Admissions Application

New, transfer, and those students returning to TCL after 12 months must complete and submit an application for Admissions. Go to to begin the process.

Step 2: If You Haven’t Already, Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid qualifications vary. All students should complete the federal government’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at TCL’s school code is 009910. You must complete the FAFSA for all financial aid including the SC Lottery Tuition Assistance program. Here’s a BIG tip: Start the financial aid process early because it takes time to complete! Be sure to follow-up with Financial Aid by calling 843.470.5961.

Step 3: Admissions Checklist

Review the Admissions Checklist to ensure that you submit all required documentation.

Step 4: Schedule and Take Placement Test, If Needed

If Admissions advises you to take the Placement Test, please schedule a placement test by contacting the Testing Center at Allow yourself at least 2 hours to take all 3 parts of the ACCUPLACER test. When you have completed the test, you will immediately be referred to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. The contact information for your advisor will be provided at that time. Once provided feedback, you will also be encouraged to complete any enrollment processes that need to be finalized by double checking with the Admissions office to determine if you have completed all admissions steps prior to meeting with your academic advisor (i.e., proof of residency, submission of high school transcripts, etc.).

Step 5: Set up Your Self Service and TCL Email Accounts

Activate both your TCL Email Account and Self Service accounts immediately to access information to assist you in the enrollment process. Go to to see full instructions on setting up both your TCL Email and Self Service accounts. If you need assistance, contact the Help Desk at 843-525-8344.

Step 6: Register for New Student Orientation

Register for New Student Orientation. We offer face to face orientations on all 3 campuses, as well as online orientation. Please make sure you pay attention to the date and time of the specific orientation that you sign up for.

Step 7: Meet with Your Advisor & Register for Classes

Contact your advisor immediately to set up an appointment for advisement. As a new student, your advisor will assist you in registering for the first time – you’ll want to have your Self Service account activated by the time you are advised.

Step 8: Print Schedule and Fee Statement

Once you’ve registered for classes, print your schedule and fee statement. This can be done during advisement or on your own from Self Service.

Step 9: Pay Tuition and Fees

You may pay by check, cash, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Pay online at Mail a check to: Business Office, TCL, PO Box 1288, Beaufort, SC 29901-1288. Payments are accepted in the Cashier’s Office in Bldg. 3 on the Beaufort Mather Campus, or at New River or the Hampton campuses. Keep your receipt!

Step 10: Obtain Student ID and Parking Pass

You can get your student ID card and free parking decal at Student Records, Bldg. 2 on the Beaufort Campus, at The HUB at the New River Campus, and at the front desk at the Hampton Campus. Have your license plate number and expiration date for your parking decal.

Step 11: Purchase Books

You can purchase your books and necessary supplies at the Beaufort campus Bookstore or place an online order to have shipped to your home via  Make sure you have your printed class schedule and student ID with you. Located in MacLean Hall, Bldg. 12, Beaufort Campus.  Refer to for details concerning current textbooks, return policy, store hours, and online ordering procedures.

Are You a Continuing Student at TCL?

Follow these Steps to Register!

Step 1: If You Haven’t Already, Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid qualifications vary. All students should complete the federal government’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at TCL’s school code is 009910. You must complete the FAFSA for all financial aid including the SC Lottery Tuition Assistance program. Here’s a BIG tip, start the financial aid process early because it takes time to complete! Need to know where you are? Follow-up with Financial Aid by calling 843.470.5961.

Please meet with your Academic Advisor to plan an appropriate class schedule. Then you can register for your classes on Self Service You can find your Advisor’s information on your Self Service account or visit

Step 2: Print Schedule and Fee Statement

Once registered for classes, you’ll need to print your schedule and fee statement from Self Service.

Step 3: Pay Tuition and Fees

You may pay by check, cash, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Pay online at Mail a check to: Business Office, TCL, PO Box 1288, Beaufort, SC 29901-1288. Payments are accepted in the Cashier’s Office in Bldg. 3 on the Beaufort Mather Campus, or at New River or the Hampton campuses. Keep your receipt!

Step 4: Purchase Books

You can purchase your books and necessary supplies at the Beaufort Campus Bookstore. Make sure you have your printed class schedule and student ID with you. That’s in MacLean Hall, Bldg. 12, Beaufort Campus. Refer to for details and online ordering procedures (or to view required course materials).

Admissions Requirements

The Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) is an open admissions institution. Students applying to the college must complete an application and provide an official high school transcript or GED transcript as well as proof of residency and citizenship. Acceptance into specific programs at the college may have additional requirements, or may not require an official copy of a high school transcript or GED transcript. Please refer to the specific program for a list of requirements, or contact an Admissions representative.

A completed online application may be submitted at

Or for additional information you may call 843-525-8207.

For most programs, interested individuals must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, or meet requirements for other special admission procedures as detailed in procedure 4-1-401.11
  2. Submit a completed TCL Application.
  3. Request official high school and/or other college transcripts; have them sent to the TCL Admissions office for review. Students are encouraged to submit all transcripts early to allow time for processing.
  4. Meet other requirements as outlined for specific programs with special admissions requirements.

All college transcripts should be submitted for review as soon as possible but no later than the first semester and prior to registration for the next/following semester at the college to ensure accurate and timely evaluation of advanced standing courses.

Student Classification

Career Development/Non-Degree Seeking

A Non-Degree/Career Development Seeking student is an applicant not pursuing an associate degree, diploma or certificate but who would like to take curriculum courses for personal advancement or occupational upgrade. Applicants must meet the basic requirements, complete the admissions process, pay the application fee, and meet with an academic advisor to discuss enrollment in courses. Non-Degree/Career Development Seeking students earning 12 or more credit hours must meet requirements to enter a curriculum program or obtain a waiver from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Career Development/Non-Degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

ALL standard pre-requisite requirements (when applicable) must be met prior to enrollment.

Career Development/Non-Degree Seeking students are not eligible for financial assistance.

Continuing A continuing student is one who enrolls in sequential semesters excluding the summer semester.
Dual Enrollment
A Dual Enrollment Student is an applicant who is a junior or senior high school student and also enrolled at TCL. This requires a special agreement between three parties: the College, the parent or guardian, and the principal or guidance counselor of the school or agency where the applicant is attending. Application and more information can be found online at
Full-Time/Part-Time Full time students are those students who are in an associate degree, diploma, or certificate program and who enroll in a minimum of 12 semester credit hours per semester. Part time students are those students who are in an associate degree, diploma, or certificate program and who enroll in a maximum of 11 semester credit hours. Financial Aid full time enrollment is 12 semester hours regardless of the semester or other restrictions.
In-state /Out-of-state/Out-of-service-area An In-state/Out-of-state/Out-of-Service-Area student is classified based on an analysis of their residency documentation. Documentation must be submitted to the Admissions office in person to verify identity and residency status as well as proof of citizenship or legal presence status.

When an International student arrives on campus, he/she must make an appointment with the College U.S. Immigration Designated Official by calling the Admissions Office at 843-525-8207.

Citizens of foreign countries who enter the U.S. as non-immigrants fall into one of approximately 35 visa status categories. International applicants who wish to study at TCL generally fall into an F-1 student status and enter the U.S. on a student visa. An F-1 student at another college may transfer to TCL as well. To be accepted as an F-1 student, the applicant must:

  • Submit a certified English translation of high school records and any applicable college level transcripts. (If presenting these documents in person, they must be in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution.)
  • If English is not the primary language, submit test results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of at least 500 or successful completion of the placement test.
  • Return the financial statement indicating sufficient funds available to meet academic and living expenses for the duration of study at TCL. (TCL is a commuter school; therefore, the College does not provide lodging or transportation.)
  • Complete and submit the online admissions application (
  • Send an advance deposit of tuition for two semesters in US dollars.
  • Be considered a full time student (12 semester hours) during Spring and Fall Terms.

TCL is proud to serve active duty and dependents stationed at one of three military installations located in our service area. TCL is a member of SOCNAV II and SOCMAR II, awarding associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The College offers a full array of classes which, in many cases, can augment military specialty skills and can contribute to the military student’s college portfolio, thus enhancing opportunity for advancement. The TCL Servicemembers Degree Program helps active duty military students and their family members earn an associate degree by formally awarding TCL credit for the following:

  • Equivalent college credit applicable to the program of study, earned at post-secondary educational institutions
  • Military courses (using the ACE guide).
  • Experiential learning - that is, knowledge/skills gained through specific MOS or NEC responsibilities which equate to competencies developed in TCL courses.

TCL awards credit for experiential learning through a portfolio evaluation process. For the convenience of military members, the TCL military coordinator has scheduled office hours at each base. The military coordinator can answer questions about course offerings, and assist with required admissions and registration.

Military Student Application and Registration Procedures:

Active duty military and their dependents may complete the application process online at of if additional assistance is needed, at the Education Offices located at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) or Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD). The process for new and re-admitted military students is:

  • Admissions Application
  • Joint Services Transcript (JST) form (if applicable) Information on JST can be found online at
  • Register for Classes
  • Tuition Assistance (TA) agreement must be completed by Education Liaison Representative

Students will need to meet with their academic advisor prior to registering. Students receiving financial assistance other than Tuition Assistance must go to the Veterans Services Office in Coleman Hall (Bldg 2).

Readmit A Readmit Student is an applicant who has not attended TCL within the last three semesters. The student must complete a new application to activate and update his/her file. Readmit students may be required to take, or retake, the placement test.
Senior Citizen A Senior Citizen Student is a legal resident of South Carolina who has attained the age of 60 and is not employed full-time may attend classes in accordance with SC Code of Laws. There is no charge for tuition but college fees still apply.
Students with Disability-ADA Disability services are available to assist students who request such services and have a documented disability. TCL offers direct services as well as referrals to the Commission of the Blind, Vocational Rehabilitation and other community resources. To ensure the quality and availability of services, the College requests that students with disabilities notify the ADA Coordinator of any necessary accommodations at least 30 working days prior to the first day of class.
Transfer A transfer student is one who has previously earned college credit from an accredited post-secondary or higher education institution. Official college transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions office for transfer status.
Transient A transient student is one who is enrolled at another post-secondary or higher education institution and takes classes at TCL for the purpose of transferring credits back to the other institution. Students should contact the Financial Aid office at their home institution to determine aid eligibility. Transient students are not eligible for financial aid at TCL. A transient form must be obtained from the home institution and submitted to Student Records.
Veteran A veteran was a member of the Armed Forces as defined by the Veterans Administration.


The residency policy governing tuition at TCL complies with the South Carolina Code of Laws 59-112 in determining tuition and fees to be paid by students attending the College.

  • The student must have resided in South Carolina for the past twelve continuous months and abandoned all prior domiciles immediately preceding the first day of classes of the term.
  • If the student is a dependent student, the burden of proof resides with the parent or guardian.
  • Persons who have resided in the State of South Carolina for less than 12 months but are employed full-time in the state may be considered South Carolina residents for tuition and fee purposes. All new students wishing to apply to TCL and re-admit students who wish to claim South Carolina residency for tuition and fee purposes MUST complete the residency certification section of the admissions application and present all requested documents to the Admissions Office. The burden of proof rests with the student to prove residency. This provision does not apply to persons or their spouses if they are in South Carolina primarily as students. Active duty military personnel who are permanently assigned in South Carolina on active duty and their dependents are considered South Carolina residents for tuition and fee purposes. Students requesting this exception are not eligible for state grants until residency has been established for not less than 12 months.

Students who wish to appeal their status must complete the Residency Reclassification form and present all supporting documents to the Residency Coordinator for consideration. Students will be notified within 10 business days of their residency classification.

Verification of Residence

The residency of each applicant is determined from the information provided by the applicant to the college. When there appears to be an inconsistency in the information provided, the Admissions office staff will require additional documentation. Residents with full-time employment may be asked to provide proof in subsequent semesters. Applicants who provide sufficient documentation proving that the residence requirement has been met will be classified as in-state or out-of-area. Copies of documents required for the determination of residency are retained in the applicant’s file.

Advanced Standing

Under certain conditions advanced placement may be granted. TCL may grant advanced placement or credit for courses in which the student has demonstrated satisfactory achievement through credit-by-exam or experiential credit. Each applicant under this plan is to show satisfactory achievement by submission of equivalent course work on official transcripts, official test scores, and/or portfolio review.


Official transcripts once received become the property of the College and may become part of the student’s official TCL Student Records file. A review of college/university transcripts results in credits transferred which do not generate quality points nor impact the student’s TCL grade point average (GPA) for academic purposes.

Experiential Credit/Credit by Exam

Apprenticeship Experiential Credit and DANTES/USAFI

Technical College of the Lowcountry recognizes that learning is a lifelong process that may occur in any number of settings in Admissions, Assessment, Registration addition to the classroom. It is the policy of the College to formally recognize such experience or nontraditional learning and its subsequent translation into usable college-equivalent credits. College procedures will ensure that adequate documentation of learning experiences is provided by the student prior to the awarding of any academic credit to be recorded on the College’s official records. Students must complete a minimum of 25 percent of the credit hours required for a degree, diploma, or certificate program at TCL. This minimum does not include credits granted from experiential learning, credit by examination, advanced placement, or transfer. This requirement must be met by course work taken at the College.  All procedures for awarding experiential credit will reflect the current approved practices and guidelines stipulated by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Credit is granted to skilled craft workers who have completed a standard South Carolina apprenticeship program and for related training. Credit may be also granted for military training and for work completed at proprietary schools, such as business colleges, art schools, and beauty colleges. Such credit generally applies only toward a vocational program. Military students apply for experiential credit through the admissions office. Other students should apply for such credit in Student Records or with an academic advisor, bringing certificates of completion, school records, or other available documentation. The student is notified of the credit granted, and a record is kept in the student’s file. For more information, contact the academic advisor.


Credit-by-examination gives students the opportunity to demonstrate evidence of mastery of a course, or its equivalent, if a student cannot receive transfer credit. The evidence must include the result of an appropriate examination, written report or demonstration.

A student is not able to seek credit-by-examination for the same course that has been unsuccessfully attempted or previously failed. Credit-by-examination shall be limited to a maximum of 30 semester hours credit.

Credit-by-examination may be earned through two methods:

Standardized tests including:

  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and DANTES subject tests will be accepted with examination scores meeting or exceeding the approved scores recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • USAFI (United States Armed Forces Institute) coursework will be accepted if a grade of “C” or better is earned and for which an equivalent is recommended by the American Council on Education.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Tests will be accepted for scores of 3 or higher on tests for which the College offers equivalent courses.

Official transcripts or records of exam scores must be on file at the College before credit is granted. Scores must be within five years of matriculation or if college-level course work was successfully completed then the scores may be used to award credit.

Credit by Challenge Exam (Local):

With the approval of the appropriate academic Division Dean, a course or selected courses offered by the college can be challenged for credit by examination by a currently enrolled student who has declared a major. Division Deans give approval based on demonstrated experience such as a significant accumulation of non-credit courses in an appropriate field or significant on the job experience in a field related to the course being challenged.

A student who is approved to take a challenge examination must pay a fee equivalent to one-half the current charge for the course being challenged before taking the exam.

Assessment and Placement

The College is an open-enrollment institution, but uses the American College Testing (ACT) assessment program to determine student’s readiness to prepare for college course work. Assessment instruments includes ACCUPLACER. ACCUPLACER includes comprehensive assessment, orientation, course placement, counseling, and advisement to promote the student’s academic success. Practice tests are available at the Testing Center in Building 1 on the Beaufort Campus. Accommodations will be made for assessing students with documented disabilities.

Some programs with specific admissions requirements are Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Cosmetology, and other TCL Programs. Specific information on additional admissions requirements for these and other programs are outlined in the Academic Divisions section.

A student may exempt all or part of the placement test by providing the college with official college transcripts to provide evidence of:

  • An earned bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree from an approved college or university.
  • Successful completion with a “C” or better in MAT 110 - College Algebra  or equivalent and in ENG 101 - English Composition I  or their equivalents.
  • Qualifying SAT or ACT scores for placement into appropriate college level mathematics and English courses. The writing and reading components of the placement test may be exempted with SAT scores of at least 480 or ACT English component score of 18. The mathematics component of the placement test may be exempted with SAT mathematics scores of 440 or ACT math component score of 22. ACT or SAT tests must have been taken no more than 7 years prior for the ACT and no more than 5 years prior for the SAT to the request for their use as an exemption from the ASSET/ACCUPLACER test.

Additionally, exemption from placement testing is available for those who:

  • Have enrolled as a career development student and are not pursuing a degree, diploma or certificate and who meet the prerequisites of the course(s) in which they plan to enroll.
  • Have enrolled in a certificate program that does not require placement testing.

Assessment and Course Placement

A student applying for admission to any of TCL’s associate degree, diploma or certificate programs, or to enroll in developmental studies courses may be required to take the placement test which includes writing skills, reading and mathematics components. The placement test helps ensure that the student is academically prepared and the placement scores determine which level of course work can be entered. Based on placement test scores, placement may be in one or more developmental studies or transitional courses. To schedule a time for this test, contact the Testing Center at 843-470-8400. A student may also exempt testing requirements if college transcripts with equivalent English or mathematics credits or evidence of a degree at the associates degree or higher are submitted. Accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities.

If any placement score is below the minimum requirement, TCL will make a referral to the Fresh Start or the Literacy Program. If the reading score indicates that a reading course is needed, it must be taken in the first semester at the College.

Student Assessment Requirements

  • Applicants may retake the assessment battery after a period of three (3) days from the completion of the first administration. A one-week wait is strongly recommended.
  • Contact the Testing Center regarding retesting at 843 470-8400 or Student Services at the New River campus 843 470-6002.
  • Students currently attending in developmental courses may not retest.
  • Placement test scores are valid for a period of three years from the date of administration. Placement test scores may be transferred from an approved institution if they are no more than three (3) years old.
  • The most recent scores are considered to be the official scores.
  • As alternative assessments, the College recognizes College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Examinations, and Advanced Placement (AP). Each provides an opportunity for students with knowledge and experience in a subject to obtain course credit without actually attending classes. CLEP and DANTES exams are available through TCL. To learn more about these exams, applicants should contact the Student Services Career Counselor.


Once a student has filed an application with the Admissions Office and completed the admissions process, the student will be assigned an advisor and be permitted to register for classes. The dates and times for registration are outlined each semester in the registration guide. The student is not officially enrolled until all requirements of registration have been completed including the payment of tuition and fees.

Students must follow the procedures listed below to participate in registration for classes each term. Refer to the academic calendar at the beginning of this catalog for registration dates.

  • Academic Advising: The Navigator, a professional academic advisor, guides the student in scheduling an academic program to meet their individual educational goals . Appointments are required during the advisement/registration process. Office hours are posted with Navigate app or the advisor may be contacted by phone or by e-mail.
  • Schedule of Classes: A schedule of classes titled Catalog / Course Search can be found at the college website The College reserves the right to make adjustments to the published schedule including the cancellation of any class, if TCL deems it necessary and appropriate.
  • Registration: After meeting the admissions requirements and being accepted at the College, students are required to register for each semester in which he/she plans to enroll. The student is encouraged to meet with his/her academic advisor to register. A student is not officially enrolled until all the steps of registration are completed, including payment of fees and receipt of a printed schedule.
  • College IDs/Vehicle Registration: Students must acquire a student identification card, vehicle parking pass, and Blackboard ID. In addition, students must register through Self Service to create an account for access to online registration, grades, transcripts and other important information.
  • Students are required to set up a TCL Student email account. Go to for more information. All communication and notification regarding cancellation of classes, room changes, etc. are done through TCL email.

Online Registration

Continuing students enrolled in an approved program of study may register online through Self Service ( Registration through Self Service can only be accessed during scheduled registration times as outlined in the College’s course schedule. Directions are available on the Self Service site to assist in the registration process. Self Service can be accessed from any computer with Internet access and a web browser. Students who choose to register through Self Service take full responsibility for their course selection. It is recommended that students consult with their academic advisor before registering. Students needing assistance with Self Service concerns should contact the Help Desk at 843-525-8344.

Financial Aid and Registration

  • Students receiving financial assistance or veterans benefits must notify the Financial Aid Office/Veterans Services Office located in Coleman Hall in Building 2, either in person or by email to using their student email account.
  • Students are not officially enrolled for classes until all required registration steps have been completed, including payment of tuition and fees. Fee payment deadlines are posted on the campus website (
  • Students who have not paid their tuition by the tuition payment deadline may be removed from class rolls. Deregistration is the responsibility of the student. To avoid owing any fees students are encouraged to deregister themselves prior to the start of the term, not the start date of the course.
  • Student aid will pay for a course taken twice. Students who are on their third attempt of a course must pay the full cost of tuition.
  • Student aid will only pay for courses within the student’s program of study. Students who choose to take courses outside of their program of study must pay the full cost of tuition.

Additional Important Information - Admissions, Registration & Assessment

Address Change and Name Change

Students who change their mailing address, phone number, or require a name change must have their contact information updated in the College’s database. Contact the Student Records Office in person or through Web Advisor on the college’s website at Failure to make these important changes may cause the student to experience difficulties in transactions with the Business Office, Admissions, Student Records, the Financial Aid Office, and/or their academic division. Students are required to maintain correct information for Title IV aid. Student loan funds returned due to an incorrect mailing address will not be recertified in the current term.


Applicants who wish to take a course but not receive credit for it may do so on an audit basis with the approval of the instructor of the course and the Division Dean. Audit students are expected to attend all classes. Audit students may not be held responsible for tests and other class assignments. Audit students may not participate in lab activities. Applicants must meet admission requirements, complete an admission application, and pay associated fees. Audit students are charged the same tuition rate as credit students. Audit status must be declared at the time of registration with the Student Records Office and no later than the end of the schedule change (Section Swap) period for the semester. A student cannot change to audit status after the add/drop period has ended. Financial Aid programs and the Veterans Administration do not provide funds for auditing classes.

Cancellation of Classes

The College reserves the right to make adjustments to the published schedule including the cancellation of any class, if deemed necessary and appropriate. Students will be notified via their student email account.

Career Development Students

An applicant not pursuing an associate degree, diploma or certificate but who would like to take curriculum courses for personal advancement or occupational upgrade is considered a Career Development student. Applicants must meet admission requirements, complete an admission application, submit the application fee, and meet with a faculty advisor to discuss enrollment in courses. Career Development students earning 12 or more credit hours must meet requirements to enter a curriculum program or obtain a waiver from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Career Development students are not eligible for Federal financial assistance or veterans’ benefits and may not take general education courses unless they meet the placement criteria outlined in this section. Also, general education courses often require prerequisites.


Each registration period has specific payment deadlines for tuition and fees. If a student does not meet the payment deadline, the student will be removed (deregistered) from the class roster for those classes. The fee payment deadlines apply to all students, including those on Financial Aid. After the published payment deadline, deregistration is at the college’s discretion. Students wishing to be removed from class must do so prior to the first day of class.

Section Swap period - See Schedule Change Period

Financial Responsibility and Registration for Courses

Students are required to register according to the published registration schedule for each semester in which they plan to enroll. Registration and payment of fees must be made in accordance with instructions and deadlines published by the College. Not adhering to the published deadlines for payment can lead to a non-payment penalty fee.  Registration for classes incurs a financial commitment to TCL. If a student decides not to attend TCL or any of the courses for which he/she registered, action must be taken to cancel the schedule before the first day of the semester to avoid being responsible for all or a portion of the incurred tuition and fees.

Physical Exams & Health Insurance

If a student plans to enroll in a Health Sciences program, a physical examination by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner are required by the published deadline. Failure to maintain updated physical information and health/medical coverage will result in withdrawal from the program.

Registration at Area Campuses

Registration for TCL courses may be completed at the main campus in Beaufort, New River in Bluffton, Hampton H. Mungin Center in Varnville, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island, or online.

Release of Student Records

TCL adheres to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, (FERPA) regarding release of public or “directory” information. The college defines Directory Information as: name, county of residence, dates of attendance, academic credentials received (degree, certificate, and diploma), enrollment status (full-time/part-time), and academic awards received (Phi Theta Kappa, honor lists, etc.). Directory Information may be released in accordance with the provisions of FERPA without written consent of an eligible student, and may be disclosed by the institution for any purposes, at its discretion, unless a student has filed a “Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information” form with the Student Records department. Students wishing to file a “Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information” form may do so by submitting a signed form to the Student Records department. Requests may be submitted at any time during the academic year and will remain in effect until such time that the student submits a written request to Student Records to revoke their request for non-disclosure.

Schedule Change Period (Section Swap Period)

Students may make the following changes to their schedules during the schedule change period of each semester session:

  • Swap - students may change sections of the same course (e.g., change from ENG 101 - 21 to ENG 101 - 82). Students are responsible for making up all course work missed as a result of changing sections. To change sections of a course, students must contact his/her division dean.
  • Drop - students may drop a course which will result in the course being removed from the student’s schedule and transcript. Students who drop during the refund period will receive a tuition refund of either 100% or 50% based on the date the course is dropped. However, students are still responsible for payment of all course fees.

To drop a course, students must e-mail their instructor from their TCL student e-mail account ( requesting to be dropped from the course. Students should contact Financial Aid before dropping a course to determine any impact on their aid.

Section Swap Period

Actual Section Swap dates for each semester are available on the website in the 2021-2022 Academic Calendar.

  Fall and Spring Semester Summer Term
Full Session First 5 days of classes First 3 days of classes
Mini-session First 2 days of classes First 2 days of classes

Student Images/Release of Directory Information

Student images (photo or video) may be used by the College and/or SC State Technical College System for public relations, marketing or advertising and may be published in TCL publications including the TCL website. If a student does not wish to have his/her image used for these purposes, he/she must file a written request available through the Public Relations office (Beaufort Campus, Coleman Hall, Building 2, 102). Please refer to the TCL catalog for further details about directory information (See “Release of Student Records” on the previous page for details.).

Transfer of Credit

TCL accepts credits earned at regionally accredited college and universities. Each course is evaluated based on course content and credit hour value. Only course grades of “C” or better will be accepted and such courses must parallel the content of Technical College of the Lowcountry courses. Following transcript evaluation, transfer credits will be posted on the student’s TCL transcript. The student may view their transcript through Web Advisor. To view a list of approved transferable courses, visit TCL is neither liable for nor bound by any erroneous re-creation and/or publication of TCL articulation and transfer information produced by other institutions. TCL reserves the right to correct any errors that may have been made regarding transfer of credit.

TCL is neither liable for nor bound by any erroneous re-creation and/or publication of TCL articulation and transfer information produced by other institutions. We reserve the right to correct any errors that may have been made regarding transfer of credit.